Wax Calf Leather Riding/Hunting Boots

Our Wax Calf Leather riding boots, a heavy duty version of the Box Calf boot, are manufactured from the very best quality English oak bark tanned wax calf leather.

They are supplied in black, as a Jack (plain) boot but can also be made as a top boot with a choice of colored tops in order to personalize your boots depending on the hunt you follow. Plain boots can be easily adapted to top boots if required.

Wax Calf leather, apart from its robust nature, has a distinctive, high quality finish, which can be restored when needed using a traditional polishing method known as 'boning.' Whilst a rather labour intensive process, diligent application ensures your boots will retain their high quality finish. 

These boots will be hand made using a time honoured hand welting construction method and are made with leather welts, insoles, soles and heels  and will be finished in a bovine hide leather, tanned for twelve months in a traditional oak bark tannery.

Made to measure wooden trees are essential, due to the aforementioned "boning" process required for the care of your boots.

Trees can be made specifically for your Made to Measure Boots. We do offer further customization in the form of Engraved Brass Plaques for the tops of the Trees.

We also have our own specialised formula of traditional Wax Polish designed specifically for wax calf boots and matching polish for your tops as well as Locally sourced Deer Bones to Maintain a High Quality Finish. For more information please see our 'Other Products' section. 

Please contact us for futher information and prices.