We should explain that the name 'Greenlee' derives from the original maker of this style of boot. This traditionally styled riding boot is one stage advanced from the Field Boot in that the need for 'pulling on' is eliminated by the addition of three buckles and seven eyelets which means the boot can be completely opened up. The Greenlee Boots also features a bellows tongue which makes it water resistant but NOT waterproof.

The Greenlee boot, like all of our boots, is Bespoke to the individual and made to measure. The Greenlee Boot is by far the most Labour intensive and complex boot to create due to the vast number of design elements incorporated in this style. The Bellows Tongue element of the boot, an integral part of the design, requires a special blocking technique to create its defined shape. In order to resolve the the technical difficulty of blocking the bellows tongue featured in this style of boot, here at Horace Batten, we have developed a piece of special machinery that blocks the the tongue in two directions simultaneously.

The Greenlee Boot is not only a well established boot within the the riding community for its history and practicality, it is a popular choice of boot for those in the shooting community, with the addition of a rubber commando sole. This style, like all our products, is available in a range of leathers and made using the hand welting method. 

There are few makers of the Bespoke Greenlee Boot, but you will find them here at Horace Batten where we pride ourselves in Tradition and History. You will appreciate that these additional features and high attention to detail are reflected in the price. 

Please contact us for futher information and prices.