Horace Batten offer a choice of design features with the Traditional Yet Elegant Styling of the Jodhpur Boot.

The Jodhpur Boots is not only an extremely practical choice of footwear but also lends itself to be an elegant popular choice of Fashion Footwear for both Men and Women.

The Horace Batten strap Jodhpur boot is made with the same skill and experience that go into all our styles, but also stands up as a Beautifully British, Crafted designer shoe that will be admired by anyone that encounters it and will be forever stylish.

There are a number of design point options with our styles of Jodhpur boots. There is the option of a narrow waist, slight Cuban heel as well as through sole for a sturdier look. As with all our range, they are manufactured on an entirely made to measure basis. They are made on our own lasts which can be adapted to meet each customers requirements. Unlike other quality bespoke footwear makers,it is the Horace Batten policy not to ask customers to undertake the expense of purchasing their own last, but it is an option we are happy to comply with if required.

Over many years Horace Batten have developed their strap Jodhpur boot with particular attention being paid to the position of the strap itself. We have a unique pattern for the strap boot, with the top strap held in position by the inside strap. This together with the elegant toe shape has made this a favourite amongst many of our more discerning customers.

Whilst  not all leathers are suitable for this style of footwear, we are still able to offer a variety of leather colours

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