Whilst Horace Batten made their reputation as equestrian bootmakers, that reputation has meant that  there are occasionally requests for them to use all that skill and experience to produce boots for the High Street. In response to these requests, we produced boots for Vogue magazine as well as some other styles which you can see illustrated. As you will see, the heel height is limited, this is because of the lasts we have available for use, so, however  fashionable, we are not able to offer high heeled boots.

One of our own favorites is the cow hide boot, cut from hair from bovine hide. Whilst this does create a production problem in matching the legs because the colour patches on the leather are not uniform, meaning the legs do not match exactly, the finished effect is, in fact, quite attractive.

One of the most exciting elements of having a bespoke made to measure pair of boots is the fact the customer is involved in the process from the begining through to the end product. Horace Batten Bootmakers are able to bring ideas and dreams of the perfect boot into fruition.

When it comes to a made to measure pair of Fashion Boots, the Horace Batten Design Team and Production Team will be as excited as you to discuss and create your desired pair of Boots. Given the demand, we are happy to develop this part of our range, so please feel free to contact us if you have a particular idea in mind. 

Please contact us for futher information and prices.