Creating a Horace Batten Masterpiece

Once we have taken your precise measurements and agreed with you your individual styling requirements, we begin the making process that will culminate in a beautiful pair of  Horace Batten riding boots. These making processes are all tried, tested and proven by a century of bootmaking experience.  

At the outset, an appropriate last is selected from our stock which can be adapted to meet all our customers individual needs Once the final adjustments are made to the last in order to perfect the shape, we begin to build your Horace Batten boots.

A series of processes is carried out, cutting, shaping and sewing the highest quality leather, each one carefully monitored, to ensure riding boots with the Horace Batten stamp of quality. We then reach the stage that is probably one of the most important, known as 'treeing up'. Your boots are soaked in water to make the leather malleable and then shaped and dried for one week on one of our stock trees. These trees are the secret of the Horace Batten shape and will impart not only a comfortable fit but also an immaculate look. The boots are then subjected to a few final, but vital processes including your final fitting, adding tops and polishing before they are ready for you to wear and impress !