Our Dressage Boots offer a genuine alternative to the continental style boot.  Featuring a rear zip and high cut outside leg, with our unique leather reinforcement (inter lining) on the outside of the leg this gives a straight upright look, yet still give a degree of comfort and feel for the horse. Some continental boots use a plastic molded inter lining which looks stylish but inhibits leg movement and gives little or no feel for the horse,The Horace Batten system, we genuinely believe overcomes this problem.

Horace Batten Dressage boots are usually made from best quality box calf and with a hand welted construction.

As with all of our Boots, our Dressage Boots are Made to Measure to Bespoke specifications, all of our boots are made to suit the individual and therefore the design process allows for each customer to have a Boot that Suits them and there own taste, from toe shape, to the height of the cone, the colour of the leather used, the incorporation or exclusion of toe caps, zip guards and so on. The Most exciting part of purchasing your very own made to measure Boots, is the ability to get involved in the evolution of your product.   

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