We now sell a range of our own leather polish, especially developed to complement our boot range.

Horace Batten Black Wax Boot Polish (also available in Med Brown) is a traditional quality beeswax Polish specifically designed for Wax Calf leather boots which need to be boned.

We also sell a range of special Cream Polishes designed for our French box calf leathers, in Mahogany, Mid Tan, Army Brown, Melton Tan, Dark Brown and Black.  Each tin of cream comes with a sponge for easy application. Sponge on, brush of when dry. 

Please also note the Mahogany, Mid Tan and Melton Tan are ideal for Hunting Boot Tops.

 We also provide notes on how to look after your boots and get the most from our polish range.

Wax Calf Hunting boots and other boots will dry out over the years. However,  with an oil at the end of the season the life of your boots will be considerably prolonged.  We recommend our wax oil to all customers who have leather boots getting hard often on the inside due to horse sweat and general wear. Applied with a sponge in less than 30 seconds. We highly recommended this oil it can be used on all your leather products. 

Also we can offer best quality horse hair boot brushes to complement our polish range.


If you wish to purchase anything from our polish range or a large shoe brush please visit our online shop www.horacebattenshop.com