About boot trees.

We have recently brought the production of our trees 'in house' enabling us to have full control over the entire tree makng process. The wooden trees, which we recommend for all our boots, are individually made from English beech to your measurements and to the boots themselves. 

The traditionally recommended timber for wooden trees is beech, which is steamed to keep the attractive natural colour. They are  then kiln dried to prevent warping. This timber specification combined with the number of skilled man hours involved means that the made to measure trees are not a cheap option, but represent remarkable value for money. Currently priced at £895.00,these made to measure trees will prolong the life of your boots, thus making them cost effective as well as holding their value. 

Here is a brief explanation on the functions of the trees which make them so effective. 

Firstly, they provide a solid base for polishing and boning your boots, this is essential for wax calf boots. 

The second and more important function is to maintain the Horace Batten shape. Boots kept on trees retain not only their good looks but also their longevity. This will become evident as the years go by. We realise that trees are a very costly part of your order and there is a temptation to avoid this cost by going without trees or using some old trees. This can be a false economy, particularly when old trees do not fit. This can cause the welting to bust out or alter the shape and fit thus ruining your boots. With this in mind, we will always advise on the suitability of any of your own trees and can do a certain amount of alterations. 

We do offer made to measure trees for boots which are not made by Horace Batten. However we will require your boots for 4 weeks for the making process. 

We offer various extras for your trees including brass name plaques, hollow or spring cut keys along with black staining and a choice of different woods where applicable. We will be happy to advise on these options when you place your order