Mr Horace Batten Taken in 2011 Age 99

Cutting patterns, 2011

Mr Horace Batten Taken in 2011 Age 99

A part of our work force.

Mr Horace Batten with three generations. taken in 2013 (Mr Batten then 101)

Final stitching

Our office, new boots for fitting old boots for disply.

Mr Tim Batten in our office.

Mr Tim Batten with his daughter Emma.

Our rural Northamptonshire workshop.

Part of our Ravensthorpe work shop.

Look out for our sign when visiting the workshop.

Some of our stock of lasts used in the making of riding boots.

Our blocking machine, made in 1880

Changing the tread on our Singer 29k

Sewing the backseams.

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