Henry Koehler

Henry Koehler is widely acknowledged to be one of the finest living sporting artists in the world. His long association with the sporting life began soon after his graduation from Yale, when his illustrations appeared in The New Yorker, Town & Country and Sports Illustrated.

His first exhibition was in 1961 and since that time he has shown 58 times in London, Paris, Dublin, Johannesburg and throughout the United States. Racing and hunting come alive under his brush. He also offers us intimate, behind-the-scenes looks at jockeys, horses, dogs and the special accoutrements of each sport.

His loyal following of collectors has included the Prince of Wales, Ralph Lauren, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Paul Mellon, John Hay Whitney, Senator Edward Kennedy, Mrs. George Baker, the Duchess of Windsor, and the Bancroft family.

His works can be seen at the National Racing Museum in Saratoga and at the National Horse Racing Museum in Newmarket. Henry Koehler chose Horace Batten Bootmakers for his study in horse accoutrements.

He painted no fewer than 10 works at Ravensthorpe and described the family and business as ‘delicious’.