Harry Meade

A natural horseman, Harry has also proved himself a relentless competitor. Riding in his own deceptively quiet style, he was the fastest competitor of the day at both Badminton and Burghley in 2006. He has also won the best under 25 award on the last three occasions at Badminton and Burghley, setting a new record.

"At Badminton two cross-country rounds were in a league of their own: the eventual winner, Andrew Hoy, aged 40 and acknowledged as one of the world's few scholars of the sport, and 22-year-old Harry Meade". Lucinda Green writing in The Daily Telegraph – 7th September 2006

"I have been very grateful for the timely service provided by Horace Batten. I've also recently been given one of their boot jacks, They're brilliant and it is a complete godsend because I can travel with it too".