Horace Batten's reputation and experience is in equestrian bootmaking and thus, we have never become involved in shoemaking, as the skills are obviously different.

However, we believe that the Jodphur boot lies firmly within our area of expertise, so we are pleased to include both the elastic and strap Jodphur boot within our range.

Leather and specification can be entirely at the customers discretion. We also offer numerous elastic designs and will always do the upmost to achieve the finished look you desire.

As Jodphur boots involve the same exacting production standards as all our other products, lead times can be as long. We do not take short cuts, but we do produce a quality end product.

We are offer a hand crafted, made to measure boot encompassing all the values and skills that Horace Batten offers, the price of £5985.00 still represents excellent value, even when compared to off the shelf products. Given diligent care and attention, these boots will last many years, making £595.00 a shrewd investment that will provide you with a timless choice of footwear both practical and elegant.