We are able to sew tops onto most boots and will advise of the suitability of this service when you enquire.

We offer a quality range of topping leather in various colours including Mahogany,Plum, Melton Tan, Mid Tan and Black. Black patent and Champagne (also known as Scouring) leathers are also available on request. 

The cost of making and fitting our standard leather tops to leather boots is £105. Champagne and Patent leather tops are charged at £125. 

Tops can be added to rubber boots at a cost of £125. 

We also offer matching polish for all of the above with Oxalic acid for the Champagne (Scouring) tops. Please note, we do not sell tops as seperate items. 

Please note that a 5% surcharge is added to any work carried out on boots not made by Horace Batten Bootmakers Ltd.